Gaw La Heh School first phase. Photo: Vincenzo Floramo

Gaw La Heh School

Six adobe classrooms to be constructed two by two each year from 2016 to 2018 with adjacent toilets. Dormitories will be started in 2018.  Existing adobe eating room refurbished and completed with a kitchen.

Designed and built for and with Gaw La Heh school and the village Je Po Kee where it is situated. In cooperation with Karen Education Department, Hpa-An district.

Kler Deh Highschool

Two adobe school buildings with a total of six classrooms and adjacent toilets. Four dormitories, kitchen and two bathhouses.

Designed and built for and with Karen Education Department and the village of Kler Deh by Gyaw Gyaw 2014/2015 in cooperation with Solbakken with additional financial support by TBC.

Library for New Generation School

Library based on traditional Karen construction with adobe covered first floor for books and timber balusters covering second floor for reading and teachers accommodation.

Designed and built for New Generation School by Gyaw Gyaw 2016.

Project site under construction.

Renovated kitchen for Academy School

Renovation of existing eating room, and redesigned and renewed cooking, washing and storage area for the local high school.

Designed and built for Academy School by Gyaw Gyaw 2015/2016.

Shelter for Academy School

Shelter for students at Academy school.

Designed and built for Academyschool in Noh Bo by Gyaw Gyaw and workshop participants from Asplan Viak and HENT 2015.

Grace Garden

Education center in adobe with classrooms, kitchen, library, computer room and storage. Adjacent dormitory in adobe with four rooms of different size for flexible use.

Designed and built by Gyaw Gyaw 2013/2014 for BGET with contribution from their staff, local villagers and workshop participants.

Maw Kwee Primary School

School building in adobe with 6 classrooms.

Built and designed by Gyaw Gyaw 2012/2013/2015 for Karen Education Department and in cooperation with the school and villagers in Maw Kwee. Phase II, adobe walls was done in cooperation with workshop participants. Phase III, changing design and materials of roof was implemented in 2015.

Academy School in Noh Bo

Adobe building with two separate classrooms.

Built and designed by Gyaw Gyaw 2011 for Academy School in Noh Bo with project start up and main design by participants in a two week workshop.

Mae Tari Dormitory

Dormitory in timber construction and bamboo with accommodation for 30 primary school children, and additional kitchen and bath in bricks.

Designed and built by Gyaw Gyaw 2013/2014 in collaboration with Tharamu Thamla and parents, with water access and purification by Solbakken.

Mae Tao Clinic Training center

School in adobe construction with two classrooms and additional office for Mae Tao Clinic`s medics education in Mae Sot.

Designed and built by Gyaw Gyaw in 2012 in close collaboration with Albert Company Olmo, later Agora Architects.

Community Projects

As part of the local community in Noh Bo, it`s our duty to contribute to the fellowship, and since construction is our field, we feel a special responsibility for this matter.

Through the years we have conducted a great variety of projects for the community.

Our sponsors and partners