Early on in our stay we saw a note in a restaurant in Mae Sot that told about Tasanee and Safe Haven Orphanage. Since they where situated only about 40 km north of Noh Bo, we decided to drop by. What a place!

Tasanee/Big Mum is a widow with 4 grown up children of her own. Since they where small, she has taken care of orphans in the area and the big family now contains of 50 children between the ages of new born to 18 years old. Big Mum’s House is a safe and loving family for all of them. The older take care of the younger, and everybody supports each other!

Tasanee values education highly, and with her knowledge, contacts and social skills, she has been able to get all her children into the local Thai school. Since both she and her children are Karen people, it is not a privilege they automatically have.
I feel very fortunate to be included in Big Mums House and I really enjoy working with this fantastic family.