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20 11, 2012

We are published

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20 11, 2012

Invitation workshop 2013

Sustainable Architecture and Cultural Exchange Gyaw Gyaw workshop in Noh Bo, Thai/burma border 18/2 - 1/3- 2013. See invitation here.

20 11, 2012

Dear friends

My apologies for being a poor blogger lately. My excuse was that I wanted to get all the old blogs from to this blog before continuing. A bad excuse, I know! Other excuses are time and priorities. I have been working like crazy, days and weeks have not been long enough. Blogging is a bit

19 11, 2012

Dormitories for CDC school

We have been making temporary dormitories for the Mae Tao Clinic`s CDC school. It has been yet another great cooperation with MTC, Albert Company-Olmo and Jan Glasmeier. The dormitories are low cost and easy to assemble. It will be a total of 4 houses, each housing 25 students. Local climate and cultural use has been important aspects of

27 08, 2009

Planning the house

With good help and fine ideas from Tasanee, the children and people around, the design process was big fun. The floor and foundation are planned in concrete to resist flowing water and termites, but the walls are pure adobe. To give the house a good airflow, we made many smaller windows, and lifted the roof

7 05, 2009

Happy mudding

Two years ago Tasanee and all her children moved from a house in the village to a bigger piece of land outside the village. With the oldest kids as architects and carpenters, they built their own dormitories, a bathroom and a kitchen. The materials used where mostly bamboo from the surrounding jungle. After two rainy