My apologies for being a poor blogger lately. My excuse was that I wanted to get all the old blogs from to this blog before continuing. A bad excuse, I know! Other excuses are time and priorities. I have been working like crazy, days and weeks have not been long enough. Blogging is a bit like talking to the wall, and compared to the every day work, consisting of administrating the Gyaw Gyaw team, economics, strategy, advocacy, making plans, drawings, invitations, answering emails, you name it, all in addition to the and the physical part of it that I really enjoy, well, blogging get`s on the bottom of the list! I will not promise, but I will do my best to improve!

The last months I have also started a companionship with Albert and Jan. The thought is that we, as 3 architects, can make each others projects better. So far it`s even more work, but in the long run I believe the Gyaw Gyaw projects will benefit from it.

I have also used a lot of time on advocacy and getting up to date on what`s going on across the river. The situation as told in international media, especially norwegian, and as actually experienced here, are two different stories. I recommend and for more information.

So, Gyaw Gyaw is still going strong!

After finishing the big project making new clasrooms for Mae Tao Clinic, and temporary dormitories for CDC school, we made a small school building across the river for our village, and took a rainy season break. I went to Norway to work at Landskapsfabrikken, and the rest of the team did different stuff. Some farming, some day labor and some went on 3 month contracts to construction sites in Bangkok. All good experiences for our future work as a team. Now we are back together, and it`s great!

It is a lot of people interested in joining our team. We have grown slowly from 4 in 2009 to 14 in 2012. After internal discussions and a struggle to get every day work out fine for everyone, it was sad, but unfortunately necessary, to leave some of the latest arrived ones out for this season. Our goal is to build and teach. The more we are, the less locals can contribute. Now we are 10 people and often even deviding the team in different projects. It works out a lot better. Noh Bo, our village, is still our base, but now also with a planing office in Mae Sot.

The projects already finished are neatly presented under the tab: projects. With the fantastic photographs of Catalan Architect-Photographer Franc Palares Lopez, it`s worth taking a look! For recent projects, keep following this blog! I`l do my best! I also recommend our facebookpage.


On behalf of Gyaw Gyaw, Line