Through dedicated commitment within a confined field, in a small area over time, we have gained trust and respect and slowly built a position where we are listened too in a larger field and area then first approached. We are using our position to raise awareness of environmental issues, also outside of the building itself and can now demand the village to clean up their plastic waste and to have a system for plastic recycling in place before we will start any projects in the village. 


By involving the village in the process, leaving decisions up to their leaders and play along with their internal structure, we can lift the school and education within its frames. With a good standing, it is easier for the village to cooperate with us in the construction period. It gives opportunities for knowledge exchange and builds ownership to the schools that again increases the chance for more children to be sent there over time.


The villages we work are mostly in a mix between barter and monetary economy. We can offer local salary for the ones who contributes, but just as much is lunch for all during the process. By using local materials and techniques, we are also encouraging further use of local materials, also for different NGO`s and its alike.