Two years ago Tasanee and all her children moved from a house in the village to a bigger piece of land outside the village. With the oldest kids as architects and carpenters, they built their own dormitories, a bathroom and a kitchen. The materials used where mostly bamboo from the surrounding jungle. After two rainy seasons and a fire, the houses are in need of a major renovation. Together with Tasanee and the kids, we are now making new adobe dormitories.

Making the bricks.
An adobe brick consists of dirt, water and ricehusk (fiber). To make it, dig a pit in the ground, chop the dirt to small pieces and add water.
Then it’s time to mix. When the mix feels smooth add ricehusk, and mix a little more. And don`t forget to play a bit too…

When the mud-mix is smooth enough, pour it into the forms, and make sure it is completely filled before removing the forms to let the bricks dry in the sun.  We made our forms out of old wood and gave them the size 4”-8”-16” so they will fit together in all different ways. After a couple of days in the sun, the bricks are almost dry, and should be flipped over. And then – ready to use!