As of March 2020, Gyaw Gyaw`s webpage is currently under reconstruction.

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With architecture as a tool, Gyaw Gyaw is slowly working for a sustainable development in our neighbourhood, the small remote Karen villages in the jungle covered mountain areas along the Thai/Burma border. 


Our tool for sustainable development


Designing and implementing projects that are sustainable in cultural, ecological and economical terms


Building an organization on democratic principles, empowering migrant communities

Gyaw Gyaw means slowly in Karen language and reflects our philosophy of a slow and sustainable development, in an environmental, social and economic aspect, in line with the society we live and work.

We are designing and building sustainable architecture for, and with, existing schools and other community infrastructure that lifts education in our area.

Our projects are landscape and climate adjusted, designed for natural light and airflow and built with locally available materials that preserves the environment, are socially accepted and economic efficient in a long term perspective. 

Through the process we include the future users and their environment and focus not only on the building, but also on a sustainable development for the village as a whole. 

Gyaw Gyaw`s work is financed through long-term support from companies in Norway. The support is based on clear agreements and full transparency of work and finances. 

The support makes it possible for Gyaw Gyaw to keep a continuous workflow and steady development for the local team, which again allows for us to reach into remote areas where exchange economics are more prevalent than money economics and contribute to a more sustainable development in line with their current base.