Through her position as a teacher and as one of the chair persons in Karen Woman Organization, Tharamu Thamla are traveling the area on both sides of the river and know the situation better then most. To improve the situation for the numerous children that are not getting any education in the area, she has made appointments with the Thai school to accept more children and informed parents about the possibilities. She has also established a boardinghouse and gotten support from a local church to run it. The Thai school is buddhist, so the religious aspect of this project is not a matter.
After years located in a temporary storage, Gyaw Gyaw was asked to contribute with a new dormitory.
Here`s some pictures from the process planning and building it.

We have specifically been working on a higher level of precision in this project.

Floor beams.

Second floor under construction.

Out door stair connecting the two floors. I Po Pah working on the stone foundation.

Detail: inside/outside floor. Inside gap between the timber planks is narrow while the out side one let dirt through.

From log to timber.

From log to timber.