New classrooms for Primary school in Noh Bo


Primary school in Noh Bo is a Karen school under the local church. It is the only school for children without legal papers, that makes the majority of the villagers.

The design is similar to the existing classrooms on site, but instead of concrete halfwalls we have used adobe (mud bricks). This sustainable material is keeping the temperature stable, and with focus on sunlight, airflow and to keep rain out, we have made good quality and chilled frames for learning.

Architectural description

The construction is traditional timber construction with aluminium roof. The floor is a concrete slab. First part was made during rainy season, this is not a good season for adobe, so the walls were made temporarily in bamboo and replaced with adobe at a later stage.


Built and designed by Gyaw Gyaw 2010/2011

2010: 13 workers/8 weeks/200 000THB

2011: 4 workers/5 weeks/25 000THB

Project manager: Line Ramstad

Photo: Line Ramstad

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