Renovation of kitchen and eating space for Academy School

Renovation and improvements of kitchen with cooking facilities, washing area and storage, and refurbishing of dining room for students living in the dormitories at Academy school in Noh Bo. 


The Academy School in Noh Bo is one of few schools outside of Mae Sot and the refugee-camps that offers supplementary education for migrant children. It`s a well-known and popular school, and students comes from all along the border to learn here. Since a high percentage of the students lives at the dormitories, kitchen and eating room is important facilities. After years of use, they were completely worn down and in severe need for renovation.

We are normally aiming for sustainable materials like adobe in our projects, but when the main structure is already there and our job is to renew it, to strengthen the existing concrete expand the longevity of the building and requires a lot less work then to tear it down and build a new one.


Redesigned and built by Gyaw Gyaw. Desember 2015 to February 2016.

11 weeks / ฿ 247.000

Gyaw Gyaw Team: Line Ramstad (project manager), Phillipa, Peter, Pah Me, See Da Pah, Ste Pha, P`Enge, Ole, Paw Eh Wah, Saw Dee.

Pictures by Line Ramstad


The eating room was dark and dusty, so more light and a “clean up” was needed. The full concrete end wall got windows for light and airflow and we lowered the concrete half wall with the height of a brick, and smoothened all the walls both inside and outside for strength, longevity, easier maintenance and a lighter expression. The floor was a concrete slab, but far from smooth and hard to clean, so we also added a new layer of concrete for better hygiene.

On top of the concrete half wall was vertical timber slats. The lower ends were partly rotten, but by removing some cm in the rotten ends, refurbish each slat and place them i a new horisontal pattern, we could reuse it all.

The cooking area was build as a temporary bamboo shelter, but with a partly finished concrete slab. It was completely dysfunctional and all the smoke from the fireplace would go direct inside the eating room.

Together with Mo Jao who is in charge of cooking, we designed a new cooking area that is both functional and more healthy and pleasant to work in. It is designed based on local ways of cooking and cleaning, but with some small modern adjustments for hygiene.

We also redesigned the transition between the cooking area and the eating room. Until now the students have lined up in front of a small gap in the wall to get the food served. It was a complicated system that required extra labor to get the rice and dishes to the gap from the cookers side, and inconvenient for the students. By opening up and building a serving table that would go on both sides of the wall, serving is now more convenient and quicker for all parts.

The biggest material expense was a new roof for the whole building. We used a tinn roof and added translucent plastic roof plates in special places were more light were needed.

The result is a lighter, more chilled and well functional kitchen and eating space for the staff and students at Academy School.

Renovated Kitchen for Academy School

Existing timber construction and concrete brick wall were kept, but redesigned with height and windows and smoothened. Existing timber slats were refurbished and replaced in a new pattern and a new cooking area with an easy and hygienic washing system, and storage for vegetables and charcoal was designed and built. The whole building got a new tinn roof with input of translucent plastic roof plates for better light conditions.


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