Widowhouse at Safe Haven Orphanage


A house for production, storage and selling of the products made by the women connected to the Widow project. The house also contains sleeping area and a kitchen.

The design is made to create a functional house adapted to the culture and climat it is build and based on local materials.

The timber construction is connected to a concrete slab with iron shoes. The walls are partly sanded concrete blocks to keep the production area clean, and partly bamboo formed in different ways to let the wind in. All covered by an aluminum roof.


Built and designed by Gyaw Gyaw 2009

Team: Line Ramstad (Project manager/architect), Peter, Phillipa, Pah Me, Oo Klo, Ee Po Pah, See Pa pah, Sunday, Pah No.

10 weeks/320 000THB

Photo: Line Ramstad


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