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16 06, 2015

Web page updated!


Finally! Our webpage is up to date! Some years ago, Prospera Network helped us create this website. It was a one time pro bono contribution and the page worked pretty well for a while. After a few years our limited web-knowledge worked in our disfavour and we reached a point where we more or less gave [...]

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27 10, 2014

Welcome Ole


Dear friends and followers of Gyaw Gyaw. We are happy and proud to announce that we have a new colleague - Ole Gunnar Berg Michelsen. Please warmly welcome Ole Gunnar Berg Michelsen, a Norwegian with a broad background in economics and organisational matters that complements us perfectly! Ole first came some years ago as a [...]

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19 07, 2014

God sommer


Ønskes dere alle fra oss i Gyaw Gyaw. Våren 2008 leide jeg ut leiligheten, fikk permisjon fra jobben som landskapsarkitekt, og forberedte det som skulle være ett års forsøk for å se hvordan vi kunne bruke arkitektur i bistandsarbeid. Så møtte jeg denne gjengen her! Vi startet Gyaw Gyaw med en filosofi basert [...]

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10 04, 2014

Grace Garden phase II, Dormitory. Work in progress.


In addition to the education center, a dormitory was part of the contract with BGET for the Grace Garden project. Since it was also planned in adobe, we had to leave it through the rainy season before starting this second phase. The dormitory is made for a flexible use, housing from one to a dozen [...]

Grace Garden phase II, Dormitory. Work in progress.2019-03-22T13:48:54+00:00
5 04, 2014

Think Global, Build Social in Vienna


The exhibition “Think Global, Build Social” has moved from DAM in Frankfurt to AzW in Vienna. Line Ramstad was invited to present Gyaw Gyaw`s work on the opening symposium: “Architecture for a better world” in Vienna 14 March 2014. Exited to present our work for around 300 spectators in Vienna.  After a fantastic day with [...]

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4 04, 2014

Mae Tari Dormitory


Through her position as a teacher and as one of the chair persons in Karen Woman Organization, Tharamu Thamla are traveling the area on both sides of the river and know the situation better then most. To improve the situation for the numerous children that are not getting any education in the area, she has [...]

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12 03, 2013

Workshop 2013 – Så kom dagen for avskjed


Først farvel med byggeplassen. “Verket ” vårt, undervisningsbygget for BGET, har tatt form. De tre ovalene murt i adobestein ligger på hvert sitt nivå. De skal bære takkonstruksjonene og gi lukkede rom. Bibliotek på det laveste, med utgang til terassene og utsyn over dalen og ” blånene” i Burma. Lag på lag med åser og fjell. Høye [...]

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