Finally! Our webpage is up to date!

Some years ago, Prospera Network helped us create this website. It was a one time pro bono contribution and the page worked pretty well for a while. After a few years our limited web-knowledge worked in our disfavour and we reached a point where we more or less gave it up.

Then last year, one of our sponsor companies, HENT, offered their contribution and with great help from their graphical designer, Maiken Johansen, the whole page has gotten a complete facelift. It´s now also easier to maintenance and we hope to keep up the good work in the months and years to come, not only on ground, but also the way we present our selves on the internet.

So, the last weeks Ole has been working on the text and Line has overlooked the pictures and page set ups, and here it is!

Photo on 06-05-15 at 11.29

Ole and Line working on the webpage that Maiken from HENT has smoothly prepared.