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We arearchitects, carpenters, and teachers. Proudly working alongside each othersince 2009.

Gyaw Gyaw operate with a flat structure and divided responsibilities to facilitate the development of a more democratic work culture. Our community approach ensures local anchoring and strengthens local communities.

Our work is continuous, and we have projects scheduled years ahead. Our long preparation period is a means to connect with local stakeholders and future users.

The freedom and trust provided by our dedicated sponsors allow us room to work in line with our values and guidelines; on a strictly local level, all resources are allocated within the small communities along the border.

Team Gyaw Gyaw

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Our sponsors

Our work is made possible through the long-term commitment from dedicated sponsors.

Support is based on clear agreements and full transparency of work and finances. It is provided to Gyaw Gyaw as an organization rather than to specific projects, ensuring a maximization of the effects of the support.

Support from our sponsors make it possible for Gyaw Gyaw to maintain a continuous workflow and a steady development of the local team.

Our board

Gyaw Gyaw is registered in Norway, where our board is also located.

Our board works to support the local team in Noh Bo and help ensure the work is in accordance with our statutes and within the economic framework.